Did you know that 2/3rd of children in India fall ill at-least once in 3 months? Is your child one of them? Why is it that your child gets frequent fever, while his/her classmate barely misses school due to an illness? It is the weakened immunity of your child that makes all the difference. Immune system is our body's defense against harmful organisms and substances that cause sickness. Children that have high immunity are less prone to infections, while those with weaker immunity fall sick more often. How would you know if your child has low immunity? Pay attention to the following 5 indicators: CHILDHOOD IMMUNITY Take an immunity evaluation test to check your child’s immunity level. What causes weak immunity in children? Changing lifestyles, increased junk food consumption, lack of exercise or outdoor activities and sports are some of the things that are affecting health of children adversely. Some of the causes of weak immunity in children are: They may be born with a weak immune system. There might have been a medical history of a certain disease that could have possibly weakened your child’s immune system. This is called acquired immune deficiency. Some children have an immune system that is too active. In some cases, children might have an immune system that turns against their own body. Conditions called autoimmune disorders occur due to this reason. Wondering How to Increase Immunity of your Child? It is not unusual for parents to fret when their child falls sick. However, what matters the most is what they do in such tensed times. Most often, parents rely on antibiotics. It is important to note here that resistance to antibiotics kills over 50,000 children in India annually. (Source: Centre for Disease Dynamics Economics and Policy (CDDEP) So, is there any safe alternative to increase child immunity? You can increase immunity in kids with natural and safe homeopathic medicine for immunity. Homeopathic medicines are natural immunity boosters for kids and can help you protect them from infections. Homeopathy – A natural immunity booster for kids, Homeopathic medicine for immunity The health problems in children need to be addressed at the root level and that too safely. This is where homeopathy scores better than any other system of medicine. Homeopathic medicines aim at boosting immunity in children without causing any side-effects. They give a chance to a child’s body to develop own antibodies, leading to less bouts of disease attack. Homeopathy is therefore one of the most effective ways of treating child health issues. Benefits of taking homeopathic medicine for immunity: Strengthen immunity naturally Bring down the frequency and duration of disease attacks Treat without causing any side-effects Helps in enhancing nutrient absorption and assimilation Effective in the treatment of psychological and developmental disorders in children like autism and ADHD Results in better quality of life and happiness. According to a survey conducted by IMRB to understand children’s health issues, it was found that the key factors considered important by parents while choosing treatment for children are: Treatment should be without side-effects It should fight the disease at its root Should improve immunity Should be gentle and effective Should deliver long-term benefits Easy to administer doses (e.g. no bitter medication). Homeopathy offers all the above benefits According to the National Institutes of Health, around 1 million children use homeopathy in the United States (Source: Homeopathy proven effective during epidemics Homeopathic medicines have been extensively used for flu-like symptoms and in epidemics around the world, as they naturally build our immune system and help fight the viruses and other microbes causing infections. When swine flu epidemic had hit us, over 9417 people at Fathima Homoeo Speciality Centre were given free preventive homeopathic medicines for swine flu and not even a single patient reported with the deadly disease. With homeopathic medicine for immunity, in addition to precautionary measures like social distancing, frequent hand-washing, considerable cough hygiene and healthy eating, one can make children less prone to infections and diseases. Why trust Fathima Homoeo Speciality Centre for your child’s health? Out of over 10 lakh patients treated in the past 37 years, 40,000 patients are under the age of 12. Of this patient base of children, 93% has seen positive treatment outcome from homeopathic treatment for ailments including hair loss, skin disorders, respiratory issues, allergies, poor immunity and asthma amongst others. At the forefront of innovation in homeopathic remedies, Fathima Homoeo Speciality Centre has developed Geno Homeopathy - the world’s first gene-targeted homeopathic therapy. Geno Homeopathy is advised on the basis of a non-invasive Genetic Test that is done by collecting the saliva of the patient. It can safely and accurately identify the probability of recurrent infections in the child and its impact on the overall growth and development. Since Geno Homeopathy is based on your individualized genetic predisposition, it therefore, helps treat possible genetic factors that can weaken child’s immunity and prevents hereditary ailments like allergies, asthma, skin ailments and nutritional deficiencies in children. Snapshot of a genetic test report for child immunity ~ Capture.PNG Capture1.PNG Self-help tips to boost child immunity Breast feed the baby for at least one year after delivery: Breastfeeding is very essential for building the child’s immunity. Breast milk is full of antibodies, which help prevent infections and allergies. Let them play outdoors every day: A survey suggests that the present generation spent only half their time playing outdoors as compared to their parents - blame it on mobile phones, computers, play stations or video games. Help build the child’s immunity by taking them out for a small walk or playing with them in the garden. Maintain a healthy diet: A healthy diet is one which contains all the important nutrients. Make sure the child has a balanced diet. Avoid foods with artificial colours and preservatives. Ensure the child sleeps enough: Incomplete or disturbed sleep can make the child easily tired and more prone to infections. Newborns need at least 18 hours of sleep, toddlers require 12 hours and pre-school children need 10 hours of sleep. Encourage the child to practise personal hygiene: Unclean hands transmit almost 80% of infections in children. Surprised? Therefore, teach the child to wash hands after using the washroom. FAQs My 10-year old son gets cold and sometimes even fever every time the weather changes. Why does this happen? Has it something to do with immunity? Yes, it is an immunity related problem. Healthy and well-balanced immune system is seldom sensitive to a sudden weather change. It can actually endure the stress caused by weather changes. So, a child with a strong immune system does not show signs of discomfort with weather changes while one with weak immunity is prone to diseases and infections with every weather change. Please get your child to one of our homeopathy clinics. We will provide him a customized homeopathy treatment. Our medicines will help in strengthening his immune system, which will help him better cope with sudden changes in weather. My child loves eating ice-cream, but I fear giving it to him, as whenever he eats one, he catches cold. Can homeopathy help? Since the time my daughter has started to go to a play school, she is getting frequent cold & cough as well as ear infections. What can be the reason? My child was born prematurely. He is constantly sick, and his colds last for at least two weeks. Do premature babies have weak immune system? Are hygiene and immunity related? If I teach my daughter good hygiene lessons, is the possibility of she getting prone to ailments less?

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